ACH Processing

Shine Merchant Solutions offers merchants an alternative payment system referred to as ACH.

The automated clearing house is a payment transfer system connecting US banks to one another and is the central clearing facility for all electronic fund transfer transactions throughout the US. ACH processing allows for large volumes of electronic batches of credit and debit transactions.

In the US many customers are unable to obtain a credit card and by providing these customers with an alternative payment solution such as ACH, you are extending your customer base and increasing your bottom line substantially.

Offering our ACH solution to your customers via your website or via the telephone allows you to accept payments electronically by debiting your customers savings/checking account thereby crediting those funds to your account. The advantage is that you are able to determine in real time if your customer has funds available within their account to complete their purchase from you.

Why Accept ACH Payments?

  • Broaden your customer base by offering a solution to those who do not have a credit card.
  • Faster transaction processing time.
  • Accept payment from checking/savings account electronically thereby debiting the customer quickly and efficiently.
  • Accept payment over the telephone.
  • Lower rates.
  • Save on postage and Invoicing.